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Why Papa?

Darn, that kid was cute saying that. XD It was funny till the end, I just kinda cringed a bit when I found out the kid died with the funny stipper. Eh, why papa?


Isn't by feeding the children candy bullies you're making them cannibals? XD


Yeah, Edith, kill that guy. I kinda felt like he annoyed me even though he wasn't real anyways. =_=

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Okay, so this game is okay, but I'd like to point out some stuff that kind of concerns me.

It's practically annoying that there isn't any page for workers, you know, information, about them - what their expertise is, what their salaries are, what project they're working on at the moment, are they idle, working, or training? - Sometimes I don't even know what's going on around me, it's really confusing that I don't even know why my worker is just sleeping there on his table. At times if a worker information page isn't plausible, I think it's good to at least put up an idle worker alert or something to let me know someone is not working. Because there are times that I cannot really differentiate the "Sleeping, but working" workers and the "Sleeping, because idle" workers. Give the idle workers a different pop up cloud. Instead of a cloud with Zzz's maybe make a cloud saying, "Bored" or some shit.

Maybe you should make the workers do a waiting line for food and drinks. What's the point in being able to buy more than one fridge or water dispenser if they can all just drink and eat at the same time in one place? I'd just put the dispenser and fridge in the middle and they'd all just stand there like the idiots they are probably stomping all the other workers just to eat and drink at the same time.

Food that gives reduction of food consumption, What's the point? The use I know is less going back and forth so that they could all work instead of keep eating crap, but it costs so much I'd rather use the work faster food rather than this. It's practically the same and cheaper.

For the Plants and Statues, I have no idea in hell, what Environment Points do. What the hell do they even really do? Make my place look pretty? They look ugly though. Just saying.

For the projects, I think it would be nice to Cancel projects with a penalty deduction of the budget already used, or maybe a little information on it to know who's at least working on the projects going on right now.

Bugs, everyone probably knows the Gettingstuckincertainplacesandnotwork ing bug, so let's leave it at that.

About the Pop-ups on the left screen, I'd like it if they just faded after a certain time and log itself somewhere instead of stacking itself on the left side of my screen and making me click them every time so they'd disappear and stop bothering me. I don't know, but they're just annoying. Maybe it's my gaming OCD. Or maybe just put up a Zoom out button, because for the life of me, everything is just too close and I need space to view everything. I'd rather not click the arrows every time I want to shift only a couple of pixelated blocks to click something because the clock is covering the water dispenser. Maybe I should have just moved the water dispenser, but seriously, everything is just too damn close.

And for the Tasks... Man, I laughed at this, I never even saw the tasks at first. It was there just on top of the screen and I didn't even know it was there until after I moved to another place.

Great game. I like it to the point that I'd lose myself playing it, I don't even mind the simple artwork, but there are stuff in it that's kind of a headache.

Great game. I really missed playing games like these. I know there are lots of 3D games around that looks cool and all, but there's just something about 2D Pixel games that grab my heart. xD

I only have one concern:

After 2 and a half hours and completing about 65% of the game, I had an encounter with a bat using poison. I didn't have any antidotes nor health potions. After running away from all of the monsters, I saw the computer where you can warp and save your progress. I never really intended to save to that point, but accidentally pressed the 'K' button twice on the PC so it automatically saved where I was.

I never really minded since I thought that if I saved there and died, I could just respawn back at that point.

Well, it did respawn me to that save point, but the poison and my health points stayed down. At that moment, whenever I respawned, I kept on dying instead of continuing where I was and the only way to go on with the game is to start over from the very beginning. I tried a lot of things to get my health back up by cutting some grass and finding hearts, then resaving my data when my health went up a little bit then let myself die, respawn, and cut off grass until it gave me hearts again.

I did repeats of this, but I accidentally saved again where, with my terribly low health, I could no longer even reach the grass around me. (Yes, I'm a klutz) It would be nice if you could change something about that.

Although I like this game a lot, starting over after hours of playing is just a god awful turn off. Maybe you could add an overwrite warning for saving, put a time limit on the poison, or when you save while having poison and die afterwards, you respawn back with the same amount of health, but the poison would be gone.

Anyways, great game. I like your work. Please keep it up. ^_^

It's okay...

It's nice and all that. Original. The graphics are okay. Sounds are nice too. The game play would have been nice if the ninjas weren't so hard to handle. Like most of the times, even though I set one of my ninjas on defensive, he kept on walking away from the blind girl and wouldn't even hit an enemy in front of him if my other ninja hasn't finished walking to another enemy from far away. You should really fix that part of the game. If the ninjas are just gonna stand around waiting until the other ninja kills an enemy at least let that ninja take the hit from oncoming enemies instead of the blind girl.

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Love it!

This is great. It's really something I can listen forever and lose my time to.

OMG, I love this. I love your voice. I love the awesome music. orz Just. OMG. OMFG. I love you.

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Cool dude. O_O The dark shades makes the guy look awesome making him out as if he just went through a dark fire or something. Thecharacter kinda reminds me of the game Crossfire. It's like one of the SAS team or one of the SWAT team on ghost mode. Meh, can't really remember. But still awesome dude. Keep it up. ;D

Rhunyc responds:

Thanks! :D Never heard of crossfire though... But I'll take it as a compliment anyways! :D

It's appreciated. :3

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